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Poster: Vermoontains Date: Sep 7, 2018 2:10pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: WINTER 1979 Part I

After reading about Jerry's voice my first thought is that this show I like so much,11-25-78 show from the Capitol,
is a part of the winter 79.
He is so sick on his feet and yet his playing is divine. The end of Estimated and Shakedown are sublime. I never heard of "outro" till reading it here, They cancelled the next show as Jerry was in the hospital with bronchitis or such. My guess is he had not recovered and was not healthy when they resumed in December and through January.

Two things jump out, the Dead are oblivious and decide Fire on the Mountain is a good call for Jerry to sing some more. When they cancel at New Haven the crowd doesn't seem to care that he is on a respirator, Where is my concert?

I like to watch shows when I can.
Check out the Est Shakedown if you want from the " set 1";t=3505s

Here is the remake at New haven which is on the horizon.
I love the early Shakedowns.

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Sep 7, 2018 8:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: WINTER 1979 Part I

All through this tour he doesn't sound good . There are a few show that are a bit shorter, I wonder if that was for him . Sounds like he is trying to soldier though it . He sure is giving his all , in thew shows I have listened to .

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Sep 8, 2018 8:27am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: WINTER 1979 Part I

I saw them on 12/30/78 at UCLA . It is amazing how many shows they played with not much break . No wonder Garcia kept getting sick . And I'm sure his habits didn't help .
I'll get to New Haven next week .
Thanks for the NJ link .

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Poster: Vermoontains Date: Sep 8, 2018 9:14am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: WINTER 1979 Part I

That Pauley show gets some great reviews I think I will go for it today.

I checked and they played 8 shows from 12/12 to 12/22 and then 4 from 12/27 till 12/31. This right out of the hospital. Jeez. The show must go on. Break a leg or something.

I caught them on 12/21 and 12/22 on that tour and loved them but honestly I did not say then I thought he was sick.

That NJ video floors me, especially at the end of Shakedown, I keep thinking he is down for the count but he keeps bouncing back for more great licks like those old punching dummies you blow up, with sand on the bottom.. If you look at him on Fire, he looks gone, sweat pouring out of him grinning away, eyes closed.